Bread Bowl Bliss

Are you loving that it’s cold weather?  My Foodie Friend went to a *REAL* football game.  The roses have stopped blooming.  There’s a snap in the air at 5:30 when my corgi, Sizzles, needs to go outside.

So my love for soup is never-ending, and how great I discovered a new favorite way to serve it.  In a bread bowl.  It’s the easiest thing in the world, and the presentation is just magical.  My husband and I used to have dates at Panera where we would get their soup in a bread bowl, so this brings back good memories for me.  So I loved it when I discovered Rhodes bread.  This frozen bread dough is magical.  I made a loaf last week, rubbed it with olive oil and Italian spices, sliced it up and had it with spaghetti.  Delicious.  It’s easy to keep, rises quickly, and bakes perfectly every time.  The bowls were no exception.  (I filled them with my Chicken Corn Chowder recipe, but I could see them with chili or just about anything.  Would be cute holding spinach dip at a party, etc.)

Weather too warm where you are? Try it anyway! Just turn down the thermostat and throw on a sweater. You’ll love it!

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