We worked at our garden this year.  We tried some new things—one being carrots.  Here at the end of the season, we only have jalapenos, a few cherry tomatoes, and basil and rosemary still going strong.  The carrot patch was sort of ignored, because every time the kids noticed the green stems had grown another inch, they pulled up the carrot which was always no bigger than a toothpick.  So much disappointment leads to just giving up.

Today my husband is doing yard work and I was out there helping him.  I decided it was time to clean things up—pull weeds, put the tomato cages away for another year, trim back the roses.  And I decided to check on the carrots.


You can see we got maybe 30 or so that were in the “edible” size.  I threw maybe 2 or 3 times this many away, because they were so light in color I knew they wouldn’t taste good, or they were just plain small.  Many were about the size of my little toe or my youngest child’s index finger.  SMALL.  Others surprised me with their twistiness…some had long growths off of them, many had “hair” that I didn’t expect.


I brought them in and washed them off.  Tried one—it’s kind of bitter.  So I will likely boil them up with butter and brown sugar and they’ll taste good at dinner.  Kind of a lot of trouble for not much reward, but overall I liked the experience.  Maybe next year we’ll try them again.

P.S. As a National Geographic subscriber, I couldn’t help but remember a recent edition that featured the amount of “ugly” food that goes to waste. Check it out.


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