Green Floppy Things

sizzles-copySizzles here for the first 2017 edition of Servin it Up with Sizzles!

Last night my family ate green floppy things.  Now I’m a healthy eater.  I do eat kibble twice a day.  But luckily, I am also pretty good at sampling whatever else they have going on.  Earlier, for example, I was given a bite of grapefruit.  I tried—oh, I tried—to get it down.  Couldn’t.  I next tried to bury it in the carpet.  But my mom checked to see if I’d eaten it before handing me another piece (I was begging) and sure enough she found it.  I didn’t get another chance.  Skip ahead to dinner…and the floppy green things.  “Spinach tortillas.”  Hm.  I’m really not much for health food (obvi) but I was given the piece you see in my glamour shot.  I’d had it several minutes by this time.  Mom thought I would be tricked into thinking it was a potato chip or a slice of bread, but I know my starches pretty well.  This thing was *not* for me.

Keep trying, family!


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