Hershey Chocolate Cake


The title of this post could easily be “Chocolate Cake Disaster.”  BUT…I like to think of myself as being positive and, after all, it’s early January and I’m still riding the resolution high.  So, I’m definitely viewing this (mis)adventure as the cake plate being “half full.”

I let my daughter pick the menu and for dessert she picked chocolate cake.  Now I make the cake on the Hershey’s cocoa box because one day I was watching Martha Stewart and this is the cake SHE makes.  I’ve made it ever since.  I learned that day that you can put a cake in the fridge and it’s even better.

To be fair, I’ll tell you that in the probably 30 times I’ve made this cake, it has not once come out of the pans easily.  I’ve followed the recipe which says to butter and flour the pans.  I’ve tried parchment paper but it sticks to that, too.  So luckily I’ve gotten pretty good at making the frosting cover up the mistakes, the holes, the tears, the uneven edges.

But today, it defeated me.



Did I mention the power was out?  Like for 7 hours?  So I was late getting started.  And rushed.  And making dinner and doing laundry and vacuuming all at the same time, so my mind wasn’t exactly on the cake.img_2466  I decided to make it using these 5 small pans.  I’ve used this before with boxed cake mix, and liked the results.  Now to be fair, the box did not include instructions on how to approximate cook times, so I’ve had to just guess.  The chocolate cake cooks for 30 minutes so I went with 15.  The mix nearly filled the 5 small pans but I thought all would be okay.

Next thing I know, I smell burning.  You can see how the cakes spilled out all over the oven and pee-yew did it stink.  Ugh.  Bad.


The cakes were done in 15 minutes.  Of course, even though these pans are very nonstick, and I sprayed them, the cake stuck and I had to pry them out with a citrus knife.  What an all-out mess!  But I was confident I could fix it with the frosting.

Started making the stacks of cake, and…THE POWER WENT OUT AGAIN.  I kid you not! By this time it was nearly dark out and while my children tried to shine flashlights on me and the cake and the bowl of frosting, I pretty much had to give up on making it nice.

So it looked awful, but BOY did it taste good.

That is, once the power came back on and it could chill in the fridge.

Half full, people. See the plate as HALF FULL!

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