Shepherd’s Pie

Editor’s Note: The original recipe link includes metric measurements. Remember to convert if needed!

Cousin Foodie here to bring you some good ‘ole comfort food. While this recipe rocks as is, I did apply a few “cheat codes” to speed up the process.

I used Better than Bouillon and added only a quarter of the water (one cup), giving all the flavor while taking less time reducing the stock. I also used pre-made mashed potatoes. Don’t judge me! Mashed potato technology has come a VERY long way, and I find the store-bought ones to be just fine. Microwave ’em to bring them up to temp and then dollop on top before sliding everything into the oven.

And, I decided to go with ground beef instead of lamb ’cause…well…I just wasn’t feeling that adventurous. I think that technically makes this a “Cottage” Pie, but you get the idea. Oh, and I baked it at 350 instead of 285, which was the mathematical conversion for centigrade. All in all, a pretty easy, delicious, and comforting meal.

Maybe someday I’ll try lamb. Leave me a message here at FF if you’ve tried it. Better than beef? What exactly is the flavor like? Any added spices? Thanks! See you again soon here at Foodie Friendship!

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