Old Fashioned Snow Cream

When life gives you snow…


…make Snow Cream!

Ingredients:  Snow!! Evaporated milk. Sugar.  That’s it!  Looks easy, I know, but I’ve made this my whole life and have a couple of tips to share that will make your snow cream experience even sweeter:

  1. Use only plastic bowls and spoons.  Metal makes the snow melt faster.
  2. Set out a wide dish when the snow starts falling. Make sure it’s far away from your house, trees, and – of course – pets. We love Sizzles, but we don’t want her “seasoning” our snow cream.
  3. Scoop the snow into a bowl, pour on a couple of tablespoons evaporated milk (better if you chill it first), and sprinkle on a couple of tablespoons of sugar.   Stir a bit and enjoy.
  4. You could substitute agave, honey, syrup, etc., but thick sweeteners may be tough to mix into the snow.
  5. You can also drop in food coloring if you like, but be sure to stir it up well so it won’t stain your face.
  6. Enjoy!!

Share your kid-friendly recipes with us! Have any like this one that have been passed down through the generations? Let us know!

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