One of the best things to do in the dead of winter is to eat something fresh.  It reminds you of summer in a way nothing else can.  I made this salad with a few simple ingredients, including organic lettuce and Campari tomatoes.

I was raised eating only iceberg lettuce, which pretty much doesn’t change in flavor no matter what time of year it is.  As an adult, I’ve tried to incorporate more kinds of lettuce (arguably, more are available) into my diet.  This is the time of year when the kind that comes in the plastic box is best because it isn’t wilted.  I’ve had to admit that if I buy a big bunch of lettuce our family may not finish it before it goes bad, but we can usually get through the contents of a box.  Similarly, where I live “fresh” tomatoes are almost never good from the grocery, but I buy the Campari (also in a plastic box).  They are red, firm, and tasty.

And remember… Foodie Friends don’t EVER let other Foodie Friends refrigerate tomatoes!  They’re much better if you simply leave them on the counter.  Plus, you’ll be more likely to remember them and eat them.  🙂

Fresh lettuce and Campari tomatoes – Do yourself a favor and make a yummy salad!!

Let us know what dish brings Summertime into your kitchen!

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  1. I totally agree with that!!!!!! my go to salad for winters is fresh beet and lettuce salad up on the blog!!


  2. Foodie Friendship says:

    Samiya, we love the vinaigrette you went with. And your site looks good, too! Thanks for visiting the Foodies 🙂


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