Layered Beef Enchiladas

Husband and I absolutely love enchiladas. We could eat our weight in them. Seriously. BUT… I hate trying to roll them up and get them into the pan because, apparently, I’m incapable of doing that without spilling at least three of them all over the counter. Maybe I’m in a hurry.  Maybe I’m just klutzy. Either way, I needed a different method.

After a tireless 30-second Internet search, I found two recipes I liked. Combined, they made the perfect plan for enchiladas. I took all the ingredients from the recipe on Damn Delicious (which if you haven’t visited, you really should). And I took the layering method from a recipe on Pillsbury, which contains similar ingredients.  Amazingly easy and good.


And in a move that I think helped make the recipe, I added Pico de Gallo from the Pioneer Woman. The only thing I left out of her recipe was the jalapeno because, well, Husband and I are spice wimps.


This entire meal was extremely mild, but you could easily kick it up with hot red sauce and/or taco seasoning in the meat. You could also add spicier peppers in place of the chopped green chiles. It’s easily tailored to your level of heat preference. Because of that, I think it would make a nice recipe to cut in half with one pan mild and one pan spicy.

Let us know how it goes if you personalize this recipe to suit your taste. And include a picture!

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