BLT Cheesecake

I clipped this recipe out of a magazine years ago.  I’ve been waiting for the right time to make it…knowing that I would need a lot of people to help eat it.  Finally I got the brilliant idea to make it in a smaller pan and serve it to my family.  Brilliant.

So I halved the recipe and made it in about a 7-inch springform pan, and it worked perfectly.


Mixing up the crust.

Notes:  The crust layer did need to bake as long as the recipe called for (for a larger pan) and to cook the filling, as well.  I checked it at 30, 35, 40 and finally took it out after 45 minutes.  I was surprised.

Then again, it’s thick.  Also, I completely forgot the step about adding water to the larger pan.  I did not refrigerate overnight—more like 8 hours—before removing the pan and serving.

Now while this is definitely tasty, I should clarify that it is *not* a main dish.  I’m sad to admit this.  I mean, a BLT is a main dish…heck, I’ve even had cheesecake as a main dish.  But BLT cheesecake?  Nope. No way.  It’s too appetizer-y.  You eat it with crackers, it’s cold and a little stiff to spread.  Finally you’ve eaten like 15 crackers and you’re tired of the cheesecake part.  The toppings are cute but they fall right off.  A slim slice of this on a plate with a bunch of other kinds of food would be good.  My kids immediately said it was like a cheese ball, and they were right.  Very similar.  (Please note: cheese balls are faster to make.)


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