Yay! It’s Gross Out Night!

We might be weird.  My six-year-old asked tonight if everybody has “Gross Out Night.”  I had to admit that probably nobody else does this.  Here’s how it started…

Have you ever been to Meijer?  There are probably other amazing grocery stores in other parts of the country, but when we visit family out of state, we always go to their huge supermarket:  Meijer!  One cool feature is their international food aisle.  Where I live, there is no such thing (unless you count Mexican food).

So a few years ago we were killing time in this aisle, picking up packages and jars of different foods and exclaiming to one another about where they were from and what they were.  That’s when we got the idea to try some of it…which led to half a grocery cart filled with strange foods we’d never tried before.

Very Important Note:  Should you decide to try this yourself, be aware that nearly all of the food picked up this way gets nibbled and thrown out.  There’s a reason we call it “Gross Out” Night.

Fast forward to 2017’s edition.

Here are tonight’s contenders:


Perhaps another way to look at this would be “International Food Tasting” because we had Yucca Chips from El Salvador, Croutons from Israel, Cream Crackers from Great Britain, Peach Candy from Japan, Coconut Water from Sri Lanka, and Cracker Mix from Australia.

We also tried Vienna Sausages in “Buffalo” and “Bourbon BBQ” flavors,  jarred strawberries, veggie hot dogs, guavas, Sweet & Spicy Tuna, and dehydrated peanut butter called PB Fit.

I’ll spare you the play-by-play and just tell you the top winners were strawberries (the size of raspberries, very sweet), the cracker mix, and the croutons.

Top loser was the coconut water, which tasted awful.

Top food loser was the veggie hot dog…

…which looked frighteningly similar to barbie doll legs. Ehhhhh.


We cleansed our palates with bowls of cereal.


What are some of the strangest foods you’ve eaten? Were there any foods that surprised you?

Let us hear about it in the comments!

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