Puerto Rican Pork

Cousin Foodie here with one of my favorites! I marinated a 3 lb pork loin (cut into quarters) the night before and fired it up in the slow cooker right before leaving for work. This recipe reduces well, so don’t be afraid of losing flavor or adjusting times just because you go with a smaller piece of meat. The only real substitution I made was olive oil instead of corn oil. Other than that, I followed the recipe.


I served this with tostones and an amazing dipping sauce called “mojo.” Normally, tostones are fried, but this oven-baked recipe works very well! Given the opportunity, I would deep fry everything, so… yeah… cannot awaken that monster.

I did use a couple of cheat codes on the sauce:  reconstituted orange juice from the freezer (Foodie Friendship tip) and freeze dried garlic. I’m still testing out this Foodie Find, but I’m encouraged! I think it will reduce waste, as well. Trust me.  Cooking for one, Cousin Foodie needs long lasting ingredients!  🙂


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