(Copycat) Chicken Soup

This recipe is a copycat of Carrabba’s Mama Mandola’s Chicken Soup. It’s a great recipe on it’s own, but I’ve made a few changes for the sake of convenience, as well as to get juuusssst a little closer to the original:


Instead of fresh garlic, I use minced garlic ‘fresh’ from the jar (convenience factor); dried parsley flakes; and Swanson chicken broth rather than plain water.

That last substitution really jacks up the flavor. Use as much as you need to cover all the contents of your soup; for the pot I used, it took a 48 oz box, plus a 14 oz can.

I also use 1-2 tsp of white pepper added to the basic salt and black pepper. Enhances the taste without adding heat.  (In my opinion, the white pepper gets the flavor much closer to the restaurant version.)



I stick with all the fresh veggies, but as for the chicken – well – I take the easy way out. Instead of a whole hen, I use a package of skinned, boned chicken thighs.

Basically, you can do whatever you want when it comes to the chicken:  use any combo of pieces, skin on/off, bones in/out. Heck, you could even go with turkey if you’re so inclined.

Enjoy your soup.  And stay warm!

Tell us about your go-to winter soup! Got a spot-on copycat recipe? Share with us!

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