Wonton Soup

My children saw a cartoon character eating wonton soup and have been calling for it ever since.  In their minds, I was way too unsophisticated to have ever heard of it, let alone make it.

Turns out I have a years-old recipe which I have made several times.  They never liked it, but once they saw it on TV I knew I had ‘em.  Just kidding, I knew they still wouldn’t eat it.  But I humored them.

Couple of tweaks to the linked recipe:  I used two big handfuls of baby spinach (maybe 2 cups? It calls for 4 cups).  I also added some sliced green onion to the broth, which it doesn’t call for.


These take a while to put together but I did have help with that part.  You have to be sure to pinch all the seams really well.  At 1 tsp per wonton wrapper, I made 41 wontons and still had about ½ cup of mixture left over.  If you overstuff them, they bust open.


As predicted, my husband and I ate this up (two bowls each) and the kids only picked at it.

NOTE:  This soup does not keep well because once the wontons have soaked in the broth awhile they do loosen and fall apart, which makes it all weird.  I’m not sure how they do it in restaurants—perhaps they start with thicker wontons, or bake them first to give them some firmness.  At any rate, this is a good soup which looks nice too.

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