Turkey Pita Pizzas

The recipe I used for these pizzas calls for lamb, but I used ground turkey instead which was very good.  I followed the recipe otherwise, with the exception of using jarred cilantro because…well…it’s January. So, yeah.

We also served this with falafels, made from a mix I found on Amazon. (I swear, they have everything.)

My daughter loves the falafels at a nearby Mediterranean restaurant.  They are made fresh and are bright green inside, and quite large.  They come as a side on each plate, with homemade tahini.

This was our first foray into making them at home and we went the easy route with the aforementioned mix (just add water), and they were surprisingly spicy.  Tasty, but not as good as the restaurant.

The only tahini we found in the stores was pricey, so we used an online recipe (scaled down, as sesame seeds are the main ingredient and we knew we wouldn’t need much of it) which turned out—okay.  Nothing to write home – or on Foodie Friendship – about.

May try again with this though, as we do like new things and falafels are pretty good in general. Overall, a win!

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