Soup in a Bread Bowl

When my husband and I were dating, we sometimes went to Panera and ordered their soup in a bread bowl.  (Wait a minute.  Memories!  Mmmmm…)

Okay, I’m back.

Anyway, centuries later, here we are figuring out how to do a similar thing in our own kitchen.  The blur of technology!!

Got home and had totally forgotten to set out the bread this morning!  Luckily there are Rapid Rise instructions!


Took out two loaves and followed the directions.


About 75 minutes later, they had done this.


This is when I cut them into thirds and sprayed/plastic wrapped and put back in the warmish oven to rise again.


After baking, they turn out perfect, beautiful, golden, nice crust but soft and tender inside…


You cut out a top and use a fork to gently scrape out a bit of the bread…


And hey presto!  Magic in your own kitchen.  Very satisfying.


To be fair, Panera does use larger bowls, and their bread is actually thicker and more stiff than this turns out.  Which is good if you’re going to *sell* it, I’d say, because this bread is so soft it’s easy to tear and then your soup can leak out (oh darn).  I just like a food that’s also a dish and am impressed when I can create that myself.

Which reminds me, I haven’t made taco salads in forever…

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