Farro Salad

I LOVE summer food, even when it’s winter.  And as an added bonus, most of my family actually eats this dish.  Win-win!

This is actually two recipes, one is a salad and the other is a side dish of chips and dip.

Let me explain.

The Salad.  My family has been observing  “Meatless Mondays” which is a terrific thing to work into your menus if you’re not already.  All of us could use alternatives to meat now and then.

I’m fairly new to buying farro, but having had it a few times now, I can tell you I like it even more than quinoa.  The thing is, farro can be tricky to find.  My Walmart doesn’t carry it.  Oddly enough, I found it at a Super Target, but it was about $7 for a small bag.  Thank you, Trader Joe’s!


This bag cost me about $1.40 and made more than enough for this salad.  (NOTE:  the bag says it makes about 1 ½ cups but that’s uncooked; it turns into about 3 ½ or 4 cups cooked.)

You make a dressing in the bowl…


Add the other ingredients, and toss to coat.   Easy and flavor-packed.  It will fill you up, too.  (PLEASE NOTE:  I did not have green onion, so I used white.  I also did not have 1 cup fresh parsley, so I used ¼ cup dried.)


The chips and dip go nicely with this.  You could kind of plop the dip onto your salad and eat the whole thing with the pita chips I guess, but I kept them separate.  In this way, you could actually serve them separately with other things, which I never think to do but might someday… if I can ever remember.


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