Potato Kielbasa Skillet

I followed this recipe as written, however… I have a few suggestions…

  1. The very last ingredient is “5 bacon strips, cooked and crumbled.” Um…okay, but you never told me to cook them, so yeah, like… I got to the end of the recipe and had to use a bag of bacon crumbles that I had in my fridge that I usually top pizza with. If not for the Hormel bacon crumbles, I would’ve been in a bind. Yes, I know I should read the whole recipe first, but still.  This was nowhere in the directions.  Consider yourself duly warned now.
  2. Allow a little extra time for microwaving the potatoes.  It says 4 minutes OR until tender.  Maybe it’s my microwave, but it took closer to 6 minutes for mine to be fork tender.
  3. The mustard/vinegar sauce was super yummy but I could’ve used more of it. When I make then again, I’ll either make double the sauce or just add extra Dijon. It gave a lot of good flavor to a dish that would’ve been a little bland otherwise.
  4. And speaking of bland – I need salt on my food. I know, I know! This has kielbasa and Dijon; it shouldn’t need salt. Maybe it doesn’t. I just know I’m addicted, so I sprinkled a little Kosher salt over the plated meal right before serving.


This dish tastes very good, comes together quickly, and is budget friendly. Enjoy!

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