Blackberry Chip Ice Cream

Anyone familiar with Graeter’s Ice Cream out of Cincinnati probably has a favorite flavor.  Most of my family likes their Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

Leave it to Ree Drummond to come up with a copycat recipe!


A couple of notes about this:

  1. Don’t chop your chocolate too small because the large bits are SO FUN to discover when you’re eating it.
  2. The old recipe I printed and used for this batch (not the one I’ve linked here) did not mention chilling the mixture before putting it in the ice cream freezer.  Stupidly, I put it in there quite warm, ran the machine for 40 minutes, and it was still liquid. I ended up putting it in the freezer and stirring it every hour or so until it hardened, which made the consistency less creamy than intended.  The flavor was very good, but this failure-to-chill error probably wrecked the smoothness this recipe would have otherwise delivered.

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