Pan-Seared Oatmeal

As a lover of oatmeal, I was intrigued by this dish.  I can spare you the long story of actually making it and sum up:  it’s thick oatmeal with mushed fruit on it.

Fine, a few details.  I know I made that sound gross, but I was disappointed at how this turned out.  Now I can admit it’s possible some of it is Cook’s Error (gasp!), but I think in all honesty this recipe and photo are sort of a hoax.

You cook oatmeal, and make it thick.  No problem.  You spread it in a pan and refrigerate it until you can cut it into triangles.  Fine, but some of my triangles were smaller than others (on purpose, so I don’t have to beg my kids to eat a large portion).

As for the fruit, I used what I had:  dates, Craisins, and golden raisins.  That part turned out fine.  It says to reduce 2 cups of apple cider until it’s ¾ cup.  For one thing, two groceries near me did not have apple cider (it’s March) so I had to go with apple juice.  And yes, it did cook down, but it didn’t get thick or syrupy at all.


So I’m wondering what exactly this step was for.  Would the outcome have been different with apple cider?  Or could we have skipped this step and just used ¾ cup of it to begin with?

Since the directions tell you to make the fruit compote and “syrup” first, I had those ready before the oatmeal had chilled (and then seared) so I had to rewarm them when it was time to eat.  Not a problem, just not the best method for recipe-writing.

Overall this tasted fine, because again, I love oatmeal.  But it was a lot of steps for something I found not very different from how my normal bowl of oatmeal (with Craisins) tastes.

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