Baked Pasta

Hey there Foodies! We’re trying out a couple of Pioneer Woman comfort meals this week and today’s installment is Baked Carbs… uh… I mean, pasta.


FYI – If you go searching for this on the Interwebs, she calls it Baked Ziti (even though she didn’t use ziti to make it. Not kidding.)  You could also just click our handy dandy LINK right there and cut to the chase.

This stuff was amazing. Out. Of. This. Galaxy!!

You like cheese? How about pasta? Pasta sauce?

You get to use your favorite pasta and sauce cause it’s allllll gooood!

Head on over to the LINK (there it is again) for all the details.

NOTE: I left out the whole tomatoes and tomato sauce because I opted to use two jars of Rao’s Homemade Tomato Basil Sauce. Sped up the process just a bit, and it’s our favorite to boot.



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