Shepherd’s (Pioneer) Pie

So, yesterday we shared a yummy Pioneer Woman pasta dish. Today, we’re going with good ‘ole meat and potatoes!

I can’t seem to find this recipe online. I photocopied it out of her cookbook, but the two recipes I found online for PW Shepherd’s Pie are different: one uses ground beef and frozen vegetables, and the other has a beef stew recipe and “horseradish mashed potatoes.”


Moving right along.

The one from the cookbook instructs you to use whatever beef stew leftovers you have, and whatever mashed potatoes you like, topping potatoes over the stew in a pie pan and bake.  You can see why I was attracted to it.

So, I made a batch of beef stew…enough to have leftovers. Here’s the recipe for that. Let’s face it, if the stew isn’t great, the shepherd’s pie won’t be great. This recipe is great.


I’ve used it a long time.  I left out the potatoes because I knew I was topping this with mashed potatoes and I thought that would be overkill.  I did add celery (not sure why I haven’t written that in there because I usually do…sssslipping).  Also, I used about 3 ½ lbs of a beef chuck roast cut into small pieces so my daughter with braces could get through it without her mom needing to break out a crowbar later.  JK/NK.

Looking at The Pioneer Woman’s photos of her beef stew, it looks more like a forkable dish than a spoonable one.  Mine is definitely spoonable.  Who doesn’t like the juice…in a stew?  But it turns out that was my folly, for even though I put mine into individual ramekins (as she suggests you try) it was nearly impossible to spread mashed potatoes on them.  I made a big mess.  (And I kept thinking maybe this needed cheese somewhere??  Is that wrong??)


They baked up fine; I had them in the oven for 15 minutes and couldn’t stand it any longer.  Turned my little one’s out on her plate to cool, which basically made it beef stew over mashed potatoes…that’s something I can do!  🙂


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